Personal Injury Lawyers: Roles, Duties, and Benefits

A personal injury attorney is an essential resource for a person who has received an injury caused by such things as neglect or medical malpractice, unsafe products, or hazardous conditions on someone’s personal property. Potential clients can be confident about seeking and selecting an attorney for their personal injury cases. Lawyer’s fees are not paid initially.

personal injury lawyerAfter meeting together, lawyer and client determine what is known as the contingency fee for the attorney’s remuneration. This fee is the percentage of the compensation from the successful lawsuit that will be due to the attorney once it has been settled. (Although the size of the settlement usually determines the amount of the contingency fee for the attorney, it is also governed by applicable state laws, which the attorney should disclose to the client.)

Personal injury attorneys handle cases of injuries resulting from many different sources. Whether at work, on the road, or at home using a malfunctioning product, injuries can happen at any time. Clients should seek the advice of an attorney when injured under the following scenarios:

Wrongful Death
Wrongful death cases are prosecuted when someone has died under gross mistreatment or largely preventable conditions. This could be due to such things as neglect or mistreatment in a medical situation or an assisted living facility. Spouses, relatives, and guardians bring the lawsuit posthumously and are awarded the settlement.

Motor Vehicle Accident
Personal injury attorneys handle accident cases involving vehicles of all kinds, including automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents. The injured party hires a lawyer as the expert voice in court that proves and justifies the injury claim. Some attorneys particularly specialize in certain kinds of vehicle accidents, such as truck accidents, and have a resulting wealth of experience and successful case background. It is wise to consult such a specialty attorney if your case needs specialized attention.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice is yet another focus area of personal injury attorneys. If a medical practitioner is careless or irresponsible, and his/her behavior results in serious injury to a patient–physical and/or psychological–the client will want to hire a lawyer to win compensation for the injury, associated costs, and reduced quality-of-life.

Products Liability
Products liability is another area of expertise for personal injury attorneys. Unforeseen hazards are present when people use products and objects, and the resulting injuries due to mislabeled, unlabeled, or unsafe products often cause manufacturers and merchants to be liable for damages and injuries.

Premises Liability
Besides products liability, vendors and citizens can be liable for injury that occurs to persons on their properties due to unsafe yet preventable physical conditions, such as water puddles on a floor or a crumbling stairway. This is known as premises liability. When a person is injured due to such preventable conditions on a certain property, the owners are then responsible. Experienced attorneys can win such cases as these for injured clients.

Personal injury attorneys are the specialists that win cases that result in maximum compensation for clients who have been injured by others or others’ products or property. They give the injured a voice in the courts and help them achieve redress from their unfortunate circumstances.

And with a contingency agreement, clients only pay for legal services out of their eventual compensation. This makes it affordable and easy to hire experienced, expert help. With these worries eliminated, clients can get on with the business of recovery and making the most out of each day.